From Tracking to Legal Recording or Accident and Incident Reporting: these are all the services offered by Certiflight

December 13, 2023

Certiflight is an European project, financed by EUSPA, which aims to offer a new U-space service for the legal certification of tracks generated by drones and aircraft flights.

To obtain reliable and unalterable information that has legal significance, Certiflight combines Open Service Navigation Message Authentication (OSNMA), E-Conspicuity and Blockchain technologies. As a result, they obtain these core services: Tracking (TRS), Authenticated Tracking (AuTRS), Remote identification (RID), Legal Recording (LRS), Digital Logbook (DLS), Accident and Incident Reporting (ARS) and Smart contract management (SmaCoM).

To understand in depth all the services offered, their characteristics and the possible uses for final users, you can consult them here.

You can also download the complete deliverable D2.2-TN1-Certiflight service CONOPS.