Certiflight uses the Galileo OSNMA feature to certify the flight tracks of drones and ultralight aircraft inside VLL airspace


Certified E-GNSS remote tracking of drone and aircraft flights

What is Certiflight

The new Galileo-based U-space service for the certification of flight tracks of UAS and ultralight aircraft

  • Certiflight users such as UAS and GA pilots use the Certiflight UTM Box while they are flying.
  • A secure link is established between the authenticated OSNMA positioning data through a dedicated blockchain.
  • End users access the system through the operator portal.
  • The certification portal is available to third parties that need to verify the certified information.
The key elements of Certiflight

Why Certiflight

Currently, there is no system capable of reliably ensuring the position and flight path information of UAS and ultralight aircraft with legal validity inside the .

  • The rising number of UAS (also known as drones) accessing the airspace and the increased complexity of their operations in BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line Of Sight) conditions, led to the introduction of specific rules and procedures for their use (EU regulatory package 2021/664 U-space) where UAS is expected to operate alongside ultralight and general aviation aircraft.
  • There is no aeronautical grade certified component ensuring position information that is trustable enough to be used with evidential value from a legal perspective.
  • In this scenario, a solution that ensures the authenticity of the position information is needed for all the U-space users (up to 120 metres above the ground), especially for safety-critical and commercially valuable applications.

Certiflight benefits

The Certiflight system will establish the of flight position information of drones and ultralight aircraft.

  • The recorded flight tracks, with associated images and data acquired, will be useful for delivering a new class of UAS services for business, but also for law enforcement, auditing systems and accident investigations.
  • Legal aspects have a crucial role in the Certifligt service.
  • Certiflight will use concepts similar to those applicable to tachographs that are established in the Commission implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/799.

Certiflight will also legitimize the use of “smart contracts”, by activating the contractual condition on the basis of particular flight routes and performance.

Several use cases have been already identified, and we will explore many more during the project.