Certiflight celebrates Test Readiness Review meeting (TRR) in Prague

April 29, 2024

Certiflight project held the Test Readiness Review meeting (TRR) in Prague, Czech Republic, on April 17, 2024.

The consortium has sat down at the table with the Project Officer and the reviewers to discuss the status of the project and the roadmap for the next steps.

Specifically, the focus of the meeting was to illustrate the status of the system components and the plans for their integration and verification.

Main outcomes

The main outcomes of the TRR meeting were:

  • Presentation of the individual technologies developed, now ready for the integration and verification phase (Certiflight devices for UAS and General Aviation, Certiflight portal, EGNSS Algorithms for spoofing detection, and UTM/USSP platforms with updated interfaces)
  • Closure actions for WP3
  • First reporting period RP1
  • Start of WP4 activities and comments on the D4.1 verification plan
  • Update on Communication, Dissemination, and standardization activities
  • Update on the Cost Benefit Analysis
A view of the conference room

Contents of the meeting

The meeting began with an introduction and the establishment of the TRR objectives and status of activities. At this point, the project coordinator, Alberto Menella from Topview, presented the first reporting period (RP1) and the technical report.

These reports summarise the results achieved in the first half of the project.

Members of W4W delivered a presentation titled 'Focus on EGNSS Algorithms: DKF and Spoofing detection SW library', explaining how the function provides position, velocity, and heading starting from the first authenticated solution.

Subsequently, TopView partners presented the devices used in Certiflight technology, detailing their operational modes, PCB components, the current version of the device for UAS, and the UTM prototype for data generation. They also explained the functionalities and configuration of the device for general aviation.

TU Delft discussed the E-conspicuity SW library documentation, explaining how conflict detection, velocity obstacle, and conflict resolution take place.

TSP provided an update on the Certiflight software platform design and implementation, explaining the functioning of the Certiflight portal and the DRS on D3.2 Certiflight platform user manual.

Partners from Unifly, UpVision, and d-flight shared the latest advancements in the UTM platform I/F adaptation and tailoring through tracking visualisation demos.

After the lunch break, project coordinator Alberto Mennella resumed to discuss the Certiflight solution verification plan through the presentation of documentation and the updated Risk Matrix and new opportunities.

EuroUSC España presented the status of the communication strategy to inform the general public about the project's progress, showing that advancements exceeding the pre-established objectives are being achieved. Additionally, they briefed partners on the details of the upcoming second advisory board meeting to be held in Madrid.

EuroUSC Italia described the status and achievements of the standardisation activities and the interactions planned for the coming months to ensure that Certiflight outcomes are present in the relevant standards.

ARIA United explained the market and business, focusing on the EGNSS Chipset price drop from competitors: a new opportunity.

Meeting group photo

About Certiflight

Certiflight is a technology that uses the Galileo OSNMA feature to certify the flight tracks of drones and ultralight aircraft within VLL airspace. Currently, there is no system capable of reliably ensuring the position and flight path information of UAS and ultralight aircraft with legal validity within the U-space airspace. The project's objective is to facilitate a workable solution for this issue.

Next steps

Following this meeting, the next ones to be held will be the AR Acceptance Review, once the integration and verification process is completed. At that moment, the platform will be ready for validation.

Lastly, the QR Qualification Review will occur, in which validation and demonstration activities will have concluded. At this point, the Certiflight solution will be ready for market exploitation.