Certiflight analyses the U-space regulation compliance and standards

January 11, 2024

Certiflight is a European project which aims to offer a new U-space service for the legal certification of tracks generated by drones and aircraft flights.

For the project to run smoothly and be useful to all stakeholders, the partners involved have drafted several public deliverables that are available to the Community. Among them is D2.3, entitled U-space regulation compliance and standards, which summarises the U-space regulation and the key standards that affect the Certiflight concept. Moreover, it describes the preliminary aspects related to implementing the service and the development of the UTM box.

The aim of this document is to analyse the regulatory aspects related to Certiflight service, regarding the actual EU U-space regulations 2021/664, 2021/665, 2021/666, EU UAS regulations 2019/945, 2019/947 and UAS/U-space standards.

Concept of U-space

The document includes a general overview of the U-space concept and its related services, provides some guidelines and recommendations for the design of the EGNSS/IoT UTM BOX and the development of Certiflight service, lastly shows the UAS operations category for each of the use cases identified by the Project up to finish with an assessment in terms of legal validity of the added value offered by the Certiflight service.

The full text of the deliverable is available for download.